Shape the Form, Constrain the Manner 琢形约礼

This set of tableware designed by MDes graduate Kevin Zhong in 2008 for Chinese YinCha meals aims to revive declining cultural experiences and traditional values.

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The 2nd Runner-up of 11th HK Eyeware Design Award

Lai Ming Ho, a Year-2 student of Higher Diploma in Product Innovation Technologies was awarded the 2nd Runner-up (student group) of 11th HK Eyeware Design Competition with his title of Design: The Monkey King. The design uses the golden ring of the Monkey King’s head as its main theme. The glasses are designed for sports use, with the rubber providing an effective grip and the gold, red and black hues bringing fashionable design to this classic Chinese myth.


A year 2 student of PolyU interviewed Design school’s BA in Design program leader Prof Yanta Lam with tips on getting into PolyU Design. Chinese only.


採訪/撰文:理大學生大使 張慧玲 專業英語學士二年級

Prof Yanta Lam, Program Leader, BA in Design

Philips Design’s top guy to speak in Hong Kong

Stefano Marzano, CEO and Chief Creative Director will be in Hong Kong to receive his Honorary Doctorate from PolyU and will be giving a talk during his visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear about one of the hottest topic in the world’s economy today – Innovation.

PolyU Design is one of the World’s 30 Best Design Schools

BusinessWeek announced the 2009 World’s Best Design Schools list and PolyU Design was one of the 30 chosen schools. Click to see its Special Report on Design Thinking.

BusinessWeek 2009 World's Best Design Schools

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