Call for Papers: International Conference on Interaction Design 9 – 12 November, 2011

Delight & Responsibility

Organized by
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tsinghua University
Carnegie Mellon University

Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design


The second ICID is looking at how interaction design is moving beyond human-computer interaction to creating delightful and responsible individual, social, and organizational experiences.

As innovators, we have the power to craft experiences that are not just delightful when navigating human lives in various contexts from digital navigation to organizational decision making, and social lives, but being sustainable, moral and ethical, or otherwise “responsible”. Despite its popularity, interaction design is either confined to digital culture or remains ambiguous when applied to a broader social and business context. ICID 2011 revisits its definition, language, approaches, and principles with respect to both rigour and intuition on how understanding the very fundamentals of interaction provides new opportunities for applying interaction design as a new approach to rather than a sub-discipline of design.

We would like to invite researchers, practitioners, educators and students to submit papers and case studies on delightful experiences and responsible design in interaction design. We believe that your contribution will not only enrich the knowledge on interaction design, but also include you in the shaping and developing interaction design in China and Asia as it is gaining its recognition in the region.

Areas of interest include:
1. Methodologies
2. Education & Curriculum Development
3. Industry & Business
4. Usability
5. Information Design
6. Social Innovation
7. Service Design

Paper Submission Dates*:
Wed 27 Apr Extended Abstract Submission Deadline
Wed 15 Jun Notification of Acceptance
Wed 31 Aug Full Papers Submission Deadline
Wed 9 Nov ICID 2011 Conference Begins
*Dates are subject to change

Please submit your extended abstract or full paper online. All extended abstract submissions must be made by Wednesday 27 April 2011, together with author names, affiliations and contact details. Detailed guidelines for submitting papers are available on the conference website

We look forward to your participation in ICID 2011: Delight and Responsibility and hope to see you here in Hong Kong in November.

Best regards,

ICID 2011 Organizing Committee

Contact us:


Lorraine Justice
Dean, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Xin Xiangyang
Associate Professor, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dan Boyarski
Professor, School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University

Lu Xiaobo
Professor, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

Catherine Hu
Rennie Kan
Michael Lai
Xin Xiangyang
Wilson Yuen
Zhiyong Fu

New Transportation Design in China cluster in Master of Design (Design Practices) program announced

Beginning in September, 2011, the School of Design is offering a Master of Design (Design Practices) degree within the Master of Design scheme that will focus on transportation design issues in China and the growing economies of Asia.

The aim of this 10-month program is to familiarize students with the emerging trends and issues that are having an impact on the design and planning of transportation in the urban, suburban and rural environments in the most rapidly growing region in the world. They will be tasked to anticipate the implications of these trends and issues with regard to the practice of Transportation Design in the future and come to understand how they as designers will contribute to the design of mobility solutions.

Students will use a variety of research methods for gathering design centric data relevant to transportation planning and recent societal developments in Asia. Regional case studies in China will be used as effective tools in learning and teaching for this subject. Major issues like government policies, economic, cultural, social and managerial systems will be explored for their significance in affecting transportation planning strategies.

The program begins in September with a series of workshops taught by experienced transportation designers; featuring lectures and presentations about transportation issues- the history, evolution, technology and future scenarios of mobility. The program will conclude with the Capstone project- a semester long, self generated project that is China centric and relevant to emerging transportation markets there.

Recent graduates of Transportation Design Programs, designers seeking a new career direction, employees of companies with a presence in China, or those seeking knowledge about the state of transportation design in the most dynamic economy in the world are invited to apply by May 2nd, 2011. The cost of tuition for this 10 month program is HK$108,500 with successful graduates awarded a Master of Design degree.

More about MDes (Design Practices)>>

For enquiries:
Martin Smith, Chair Professor of Industrial Design

Read more>>

Simplize, bags for cyclists by Industrial & Product Design Student

Simplize is a brand of bags for cyclists. The design of the fashion accessory is developed based on people’s identity. The concept comes from three main parts of Hong Kong, i.e. the New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The bag shows which district the bicycle rider is from, thus reveals his identity. It helps enhancing the connection between cyclists from different places in Hong Kong which have different features of, say, environment and landscape.

The collection of Simplize includes a strapped bag, 3 small bags and a notebook case. For the strapped bag, the curved cutting is designed to fit the body and its strap is attached with a pocket for iPod. It also provides a pocket for sunglasses and a reflection tape for safe riding at night.

Jason Ho, year-2 student of the BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product), is the creator of the brand. The brand was part of his assignments of the Fashion Accessories class which he attended in last autumn.

More about the designer:

more photos…

WANTED: Peer Mentors

Student Affairs Office is now recruiting Peer Mentors to support over 300 freshmen in SD and to provide care and assistance to freshmen in the first semester. For details, CLICK HERE.

Mr. 6, Fashion Accessories by Industrial & Product Design Student

Mr. 6 is a brand of unisex fashion accessories created by Alexis Law, a BA(Hons) in Design (Industrial & Product) year 2 student, in her Fashion Accessories class held last autumn.

In the collection, she has created 3 sets of bow ties, bow necklaces and suspenders. Inspired by the fashion style “nerd” or “geek chic”, the designer took checker, the most significant pattern of the style, as one of the design elements and leather as the main material to give the design a more sophisicated look. She also paid attention to the details of accessories, like adding buckles and buttons on suspenders to make them adjustable.

Currently, Alexis has turned the project into real business and sells the products online. She launched an online shop in her own blog – Miss 6 Design Blog, and opened a facebook page to keep her customers update of Mr. 6’s news.

The Fashion Accessories class was held in fall of 2010. Tutors included Ernesto Spicciolato, Roger Ball and Michael Leung.

more photos…

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