10 things Milton Glaser has learned

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I came across this post from Glaser’s website (linked in the photo below). Its been around for awhile but I found it both quite relevant and humorous. It was especially interesting re: a discussion we recently had in an MDes class on why design does not have its own version of the Hypocratic oath (or if it even should). Certainly worth the read. (thanks to Hilary for the find)


Furniture inspired by Vivienne Westwood


We were invited by Swire Island East of Swire Properties to design seating furniture for the Vivienne Westwood – A Life in Fashion exhibition that they are organizing with the designer. From wooden box seats emblazoned with evocative statements, to modern, sleek furniture, these works are influenced by various themes in Westwood’s works. The various materials used – wood, steel, wire, wool and fabrics – are redolent of the eclectic nature of her work. The exhibition was held from 1 Dec 2008 to 31 Jan 2009. …

JOOC, a mood device


Bamboo is a widely used natural building material in many Asian countries. In this project, we tried to explore more possibilities of using bamboo itself as building material. We found that the negative space and joints inside the bamboo most interesting and that led us to do experiments concerning the joinery method and structure of bamboo. Our bamboo building units, named as JOOC, enable people to build and demount any form of bamboo devices applying the interlocking joinery method. The form and structure of the device are variable and cater to different functions. For example, making it into a JOOC Hut, JOOC table or beach chair. For further development, we hope to build larger scale bamboo structure to explore more possibilities of JOOC. …

Rebirth of 白飯魚 (white canvas sneakers)

We created a new brand identity and ad campaign for simple white canvas sneakers. By highlighting a new brand belief – Soul is Simple – the new brand aims to revive the popularity of this footwear for the 20-35 years age group. The tagline, which contains the word “rebirth”, is the core element of the branding program which implies bringing new life to a product that has aged and is being forgotten. Similar products that come in different colors are costing 10 times more than these affordable products. By giving them a new image, we hope the campaign will attract customers who value simplicity as part of their lifestyle. …

Connecting Design, Cultures, Artifacts and Heritage


By Dr Eleonora Lupo

The Asian Lifestyle Design Research Lab at PolyU Design provides research service to and generates critical knowledge for designers and industries creating innovative, sustainable products and services for the Asian lifestyle. To further this, it also engages in fundamental and historical research, develops appropriate methodologies for fieldwork and analysis, and seeks collaborations with industrial and academic partners.

The Lab held a forum in October 2008, organized by Dr Eleonora Lupo, Visiting Lecturer and Mr Benny Leong, Assistant Professor and leader of the Lab. The theme “Connecting Design, Cultures, Artifacts, and Heritage” was picked to survey topics that dealt with common processes and structures in making art, culture and design objects; historical and territorial relations among art, design and culture; and strategies of heritage revitalization through culture based design innovation. …

I.do 2008 Hospitality and the impacts of changing demographics on designing


By Philine Bracht

How would you like the surprise when you realize your cozy hotel suite is made of paper? And what do you say when your Hong Kong host aunty Lucy writes to invite you back to visit the tree you planted years ago and eat its fruits? And on your next visit to Amsterdam you could make your own Gouda cheese – six months later it would be sent to your home – complete with a memorable label.

These and others are fresh ideas for the hospitality branch students have come up with during an international design workshop this summer. Organized by School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, “I.do 2008” took place in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Netherlands. “I.do” (the international design opportunity) was created as an innovative design workshop by PolyU Design four years ago. Theme of I.do 2008 was Hospitality and the impacts of changing demographics on designing. …

The Link: Hong Kong,Hangzhou,Ningbo


Zhejiang University School of Design and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) School of Design has formed an International Design Centre (IDC) to conduct design projects, research, and training within the region of Hangzhou and Ningbo, People’s Republic of China. The IDC enhances the research and innovation ability of the companies located in these local districts. The IDC assists local companies to move forward in designing products, training staff and students to provide design research needs, and assists local designers in learning the latest methods and processes in design research. The Zhenhai District Ningbo local government will also provide support to set up design projects, research projects, training, consultancy etc.

With great efforts by the two universities, the IDC was initiated in 2007. The IDC will focus on advanced level of design in order to increase the competitiveness of the local industry. To work more conveniently in Ningbo, and even the whole Zhejiang area, it has been decided that a base, referred to as IDC (Ningbo), be created. …

Professor of 42 Global Award Winning Designers joins PolyU Design


We interviewed with Professor Martin Smith who joined the PolyU Design family in October 2008. Prof Smith came from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, US where he was Chair of the Product Design Department.

DT: What is your new role at the School?

M: My official title is Chair Professor of Industrial Design. My role is to bring to the Industrial/Product Design program what I have learned and experienced at the school I just left. My hope is to challenge the students to achieve great things, empower the faculty to be the best they can be and bring international recognition of excellence to the School of Design.

DT: You have joined PolyU Design for just two weeks. What do you think of the School’s environment, staff, and students so far? Are you experiencing any culture shock?

M: It is so early for me to be sharing observations after only 2 weeks. However my first impressions are of a student body hungry for knowledge and desiring success in design along with the recognition that we have a very smart and dedicated faculty. Culture shock? Absolutely. …

Dare to Desire! in Hong Kong


The Sixth Design and Emotion Conference jointly organized by the School and Design and Emotion Society kicked off on PolyU campus on 7 October. This is the first time the biennial conference is being held in Asia.

Themed “Dare to Desire”, the international Conference brought together practitioners, researchers and the industry from all over the world to exchange knowledge and insights concerning the cross-disciplinary field of design and emotion.

World renowned figures in the field giving keynote speeches at the Conference include Donald Norman, Breed Professor of Design at Northwestern University, cofounder of the Nielsen Norman Group and former Vice President of Apple Computer; Jan Chipchase, Principal Researcher of Nokia Research Centre; Raman Hui, Director of “Shrek the Third”; Bill Green, Professor of Industrial Design at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; and Lorraine Justice, Director of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. We highlight some of the key points from the first keynote at the conference. …

Innovation Tower: Future Home of PolyU Design


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) is an urban endeavor by virtue of addition and growth over the last 70 years. The rich patchwork of various faculties, communities and facilities are strung together by a community of visually coherent yet different building. From a process of outward expansion, the HK PolyU is now looking inwards to develop itself by making creative use of its remaining void on the northern side of the campus.

The Innovation Tower aims to use these voids to create an accessible urban space which will transform how the HK PolyU is perceived and the way it will be used. …


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