Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics. A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation.

This is an interesting meta-disciplinary conference in the US in July/August 2010, which I am co-organising. Take a look and feel free to get involved.

Shape the Form, Constrain the Manner 琢形约礼

This set of tableware designed by MDes graduate Kevin Zhong in 2008 for Chinese YinCha meals aims to revive declining cultural experiences and traditional values.

For better viewing in some parts of Asia, please click here.

Cultural Research

This is a lecture delivered to about 140 second-year BA(Hons) in Design students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in early September 2009, as part of a subject titled “Cultural Research”.

Trigger Cards: Researching Into/Through New Ways of Seeing

This a two-part sd5001 essay by MDes student Karen Shaholli discussing the experimental generation of imagery as well as associated words and their subsequent use in stimulating new ways of seeing and new design ideas.

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亞洲週刊 Interview

Following SD’s recent Annual Show, I gave an interview to 亞洲週刊 (Asia Weekly), a Chinese language international affairs newsweekly. I want to share its original English version here.

亞洲週刊 Interview

Serendipitous Seeing

These are some outcomes of the seven-week MBA subject sd5001 Innovation Tools for Strategic Design. These pieces address the question of how methodological and tool-aided work can result in something beautiful.

Re-Assessing Rigour, Recycling Research

On the recent CAADRIA conference in Douliou, Taiwan in April 2009, I initiated this round-table discussion on the Form of Enquiry. It looks at the consequences of taking a logic as the logic for thinking in science, education and technology. This playlist has seven parts (2 presentation, 5 discussion). For best viewing in some parts of Asia, check here.

Digital Drifting presentation at ASC2009

Christiane Herr’s and Thomas Fischer’s ASC2009 conference presentation on SD’s subject sd5001 Innovation Tools for Strategic Design (in four parts).

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