79 Short Essays on Design

Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design By Michael Bierut
Princeton Architectural Press, 2007

This book is a must-read for any design enthusiast or anyone working in the design industry whether you’re practicing or collaborating.

Mr Bierut writes with wit and delight while Abbott Miller reflects that in the design. He illustrates each essay with a new typeface that plays off the content of each piece. The book will bring you new insight into design and… read more

Annual Show 2010: A Plate of Contemplation

The PolyU Design Annual Show 2010 is underway. It opened on June 3 with a motivating speech by our Guest of Honor, Suzi Wong (Ah So), followed by a ceremonial roasted pig “opening” with our Director, Lorraine Justice.

To show our appreciation to our Guest of Honor this year, we have asked our School’s ceramics specialist, Josephine Tsui, to design and produce a souvenir. Her translation…read more

World Graphics Day: Why Do You Value Design?

Why Do You Value Design?

Act•Live-Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010 Seminar

Happy Chinese New Year!

Shape originated from Heinz Strobl

Farewell to a Motivating and Inspiring Professor

Thank you so much for inspiring and guiding so many during your time at PolyU Design. You will be greatly missed. Here’s wishing you the best of luck in Taiwan!

Happy New Year from us!

IKEA: From Futura to Verdana

IKEA has officially changed their customized Futura typeface, IKEA Sans, to Verdana, a font designed for Microsoft for screen viewing.

For those who haven’t heard, there has been a lot of outrage for this move by many IKEA- and type-lovers. The reason for this change is to synchronize the online and printed look for IKEA. As a member of the marketing team, I understand the need to create a unified identity. But as a designer, when you have a customized Futura typeface that has been working for you all these years, you just don’t abandon it and replace it with a default just so you can have everything look similar. No layman notices anyway and the ones that do notice really appreciate the aura that IKEA Sans sends out.

What are your thoughts for this hideous face-drop?

Read more from other indignant designers.

Convert Time to Timeless Ideas

Tape-calendar souvenir available this Saturday (September 26, 2009) at PolyU Design Annual Open Day 2009
Tape Calendar 2010

Redesigning the Stop Sign

Here’s a parody that aptly illustrates what designers will most likely come across in their careers. The video may be funny to all but some of us know that all too much of it is true. I’m not trying to discourage new designers but rather to offer some insight.

Behind the walls of academia, your professors and mentors will protect you from the harsh realities. When you’re out on your own, you’ll meet clients that will respect you and your work and you’ll work with those that hire you to execute their “design” ideas, as depicted in the video. Wherever your talent and luck will lead you, keep in mind that design isn’t a weapon of mass destruction and should not be used with that intent. Use design as a vehicle to educate and develop the creative industry in our beloved city that is Hong Kong.


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