Perfect closing of Annual Show 2009 (Video)

See you all in 2010!!

Perfect closing of Annual Show 2009 (Photos)


The Show has come to an end on 13 June with everyone’s BIG Smile:)!!
The exhibitors received a lot of name cards from potential employers and supportive messages from friends.
Guys and girls, congrats to your great job!
See you next year!

Hong Kong designs for leisure

As the eventful May and June slipped by us, it’s hard not to think about leisure time. The exhibition on Design for Leisure at our Gallery comes in just the right time.

Design for Leisure
Date: 1–8, 17 June – 3 July 2009
9:30a.m. to 5:30p.m.
Venue: SD Gallery, Core A, PolyU

Stress and unhealthy lifestyles are common conditions for people around the globe – especially in Hong Kong and China’s major cities. This project aims at providing students with the skills necessary to recognize how humans have come to separate play from work and contextualize leisure and exercise in contemporary society.

Students are encouraged to consider the best fit from personal perspectives and incorporate them with “extreme user” perspectives. BA (Hons) IPD Year 1 students are required to recap knowledge accrued over the year and design, develop, make, test, present and possibly market their innovations.

Come on in – Hong Kong is invited to leisure times!

Summer in Italy for our VC students

It was a pleasure to see the viscomm exhibits this year. As a marketeer I naturally look at presentation first, but the content in these projects don’t fall short of deep, intriguing thoughts. In fact it kept me revisiting for three times with the thirst to see more. As such I’m very happy to see this news from my viscomm colleague:

Dear VC Colleagues

Hello! A good news I’d love to share with you all!
Our VC students’ work (video+motion graphic) is officially selected and will have a screening at Venice Biennale 2009. yes!! This summer in Italy!

Actually, in semester two, we have invited two guests from Amsterdam to hold a DV workshop for DV Basic students. The students have eventually produced a lovely ‘motion-graphic name card’ and ‘one min cityportraits’.

Now, “Hong Kong Cityportraits” is selected and will be screening together with another 5 cities, in the Arsenale Program along with the Venice Biennale of this year.

I will update you with more infomation once I receive any news in the future!

Best wishes
HUNG Keung

So do join us to give us comments if you are planning to visit the Biennale in Italy this year!

Shellody – Giving Children Back Their Music

Hong Kong PolyU Design Blog now iPhone friendly


Hong Kong PolyU Design Blog on iPhone

A concept for ancestors to live in peace

A chat with year 3 Environment and Interior student Althea Lee on her project…

Interview with advertising students on their final year projects

We wanted to know the difficulty of doing a final year project, and also, how the students solved these problems for a lesson on how we can do our own projects next year.

Re-Assessing Rigour, Recycling Research

On the recent CAADRIA conference in Douliou, Taiwan in April 2009, I initiated this round-table discussion on the Form of Enquiry. It looks at the consequences of taking a logic as the logic for thinking in science, education and technology. This playlist has seven parts (2 presentation, 5 discussion). For best viewing in some parts of Asia, check here.

Latest from Annual Show 09

Moments at Annual Show 09…


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