The CMW Nationwide Design-Style Interflow Symposium, Wuxi, China (12th -14th May)

This event has been initiated by a coating technology company named CMW (Cashew, Japan/ Manfield, H.K./ Weilburger, Germany), and co-organized by the Asian Lifestyle Design Research Lab, School of Design, HK PolyU.
This is the first national design symposium organized specifically for CMF (color, material and finishing) trend.
The Lab Leader, Mr. Benny Leong was invited to facilitate the core activity of the event where 4 renowned design experts were invited to present their ideas about the latest global and native design trends. They are Mr. Gary Chang (Edge Design Institute Ltd.), Mr. Silvio Chan (Alternatif Fashion Workshop), Mr. Leo Liu (Design Strategy Director, CBI), China and Mr. Yannick Lenormand (VTA consultant, Philips Design).

The Greenness to be Clarified: 2010 International Conference on Green Design Zhuzhou, Hunan, China (21st -23rd May)

This conference was co-organized by the renowned academic journals “Zhuangshi” of Tsinghua University and Hunan University of Technology in China. It is the first biggest design conference ever organized specifically for the issue of “Green Design”. Various well-known scholars and advocates from France, Holland, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China were invited to discuss and re-examine the concept, practice and methods of Green Design especially related to the development of China. Mr. Benny Leong has been invited to present a paper entitled “Strategic Green Design: What could we Learn from Our Ways of Living?”

A brief review of the conference has been done by one of the conference participants Prof. François Jégou HERE.

International Forum: Design for Sustainability in Emerging Economies, UAM, Mexico (2nd -6th June)

The Forum has been organized by The Environmental Department of the Division of Science and Art of Design, Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico City. It has invited experts in Design for Sustainability (both from Holland and Italy) and key representatives in this field from the four major emerging economies: Brazil, China, India and Mexico. The forum’s objective is to share experience and to explore the ways in which Design for Sustainability (DfS) can be strengthened in emerging economies. And will look into the concept of policy, innovation systems and how various actors (such as universities, private industry, government and civil society) can do to stimulate DfS in emerging economies.
Mr. Benny Leong was invited as one of the keynote speakers to present the latest findings of the ‘Lifestyle China’ research project, about the importance of alternating everyday consumption practices of middle-income urban Chinese from both the socio-cultural and political perspectives.

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