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Congratulations to Winners of Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong

Congrats to Alvin Yip, Assistant Professor of the PolyU Design’s Environment & Interior teaching team, and Mary Yu, 2008 Graduate of MDes (Design Practices) who were selected as two of the winners of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong (十大傑出青年選舉)!

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New Transportation Design in China cluster in Master of Design (Design Practices) program announced

Beginning in September, 2011, the School of Design is offering a Master of Design (Design Practices) degree within the Master of Design scheme that will focus on transportation design issues in China and the growing economies of Asia.

The aim of this 10-month program is to familiarize students with the emerging trends and issues that are having an impact on the design and planning of transportation in the urban, suburban and rural environments in the most rapidly growing region in the world. They will be tasked to anticipate the implications of these trends and issues with regard to the practice of Transportation Design in the future and come to understand how they as designers will contribute to the design of mobility solutions.

Students will use a variety of research methods for gathering design centric data relevant to transportation planning and recent societal developments in Asia. Regional case studies in China will be used as effective tools in learning and teaching for this subject. Major issues like government policies, economic, cultural, social and managerial systems will be explored for their significance in affecting transportation planning strategies.

The program begins in September with a series of workshops taught by experienced transportation designers; featuring lectures and presentations about transportation issues- the history, evolution, technology and future scenarios of mobility. The program will conclude with the Capstone project- a semester long, self generated project that is China centric and relevant to emerging transportation markets there.

Recent graduates of Transportation Design Programs, designers seeking a new career direction, employees of companies with a presence in China, or those seeking knowledge about the state of transportation design in the most dynamic economy in the world are invited to apply by May 2nd, 2011. The cost of tuition for this 10 month program is HK$108,500 with successful graduates awarded a Master of Design degree.

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For enquiries:
Martin Smith, Chair Professor of Industrial Design

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MDes project shines at Cumulus’s Anniversary Exhibition

PolyU Design graduate of MDes class 2009, Jewel Keung, is the winner of 3rd prize for the project Save the Street Market submitted for the 20th Anniversary Exhibition of Cumulus. The project was supervised by Roger Ball.

The award giving ceremony took place on 8 September 2010 in Shanghai China where award certificates were forwarded to the schools’ representatives. The award consists also of money prize of 300 EUR.

Around 50 Cumulus member schools participated in the exhibition submitting over 400 student works. The Jury for the competition, consisting of Cumulus President and Cumulus Executive Board members, selected 49 works to the 2nd phase of final awarding.

All award winners are enlisted on Cumulus website HERE.

View the award-winning project:

Pimp My Push Cart Workshop at DETOUR 2009


The ubiquitous push cart is an iconic symbol of Hong Kong. Used every day by thousands of workers these carts ferry the goods and garbage of everyday life through the steep narrow streets of Hong Kong. This workshop challenges student teams to “pimp” a Hong Kong push cart. The challenge of “Pimping” challenges is to transform the lowly push cart into an extravagant, one of a kind, traffic stopping statement. (more…)

Shape the Form, Constrain the Manner 琢形约礼

This set of tableware designed by MDes graduate Kevin Zhong in 2008 for Chinese YinCha meals aims to revive declining cultural experiences and traditional values.

For better viewing in some parts of Asia, please click here.

Asian fit protective facemasks by MDes in Design Practices

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MDes students’ Asian-fit facemask designs


A group of 15 international SD students from the Masters of Design (Design Practices) programme are now showcasing a collection of innovative facemasks designed by themselves.

They all participated in a six-week intensive workshop organized by SD earlier this year. Aiming at creating innovative solutions for a new generation of “Asian Fit” protective facemasks, the students paired up and designed creative facemasks to specifically fit the Asian population both in terms of size and purposes. The designs tackle not only the issue of Asian size and fit, but also the needs of material technology, branding strategy and public health policy.

The “Masters of Mask” project has brought together expertise from the SizeChina Research Lab (SD), PolyU’s School of Nursing at and Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong. With new and unique design concepts, each design of the facemasks takes into consideration the specific purpose of individual user group such as bus drivers, medical personnel and firemen.

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