SizeChina: a New 3D Design Tool

SizeChina is developing a 3D design tool that aims to provide designers access to 3D head shape model of Chinese population during the product design process. Its intended users are engineers, designers, scientists and students studying in those fields.

Typical design applications would include: optical products and eyewear, sports and protective helmets, surgical facemasks, oxygen masks and headphones. The software creates a 3D underlay or layer on top of which any product can be designed.

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Visit our Youtube page and tell us what you think about our new 3D design tool!

SizeChina: Integrating 3D head scan into product design

These screenshots are taken from our experiment in creating a realistic rendering of a glass frame fitted onto a 3D head model. The head model was scanned at our very own SizeChina lab. We have created a video that demonstrates the product-and-head assembling and rendering process in Rhino3D and Hypershot.

When you design a product that fits on the human body, how do you take product fitting into consideration? What software would you use? How do you achieve a realistic look for others to evaluate your design?

Let us know your thoughts!

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