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KODW 2013 started off with the Include Asia Conference, a 2-day program focused on inclusive design. The biennial conference debuts in Hong Kong since its launch in 2001 in London, partnering The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design), the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) for the first time. This year’s theme ‘Global Challenges and Local Solutions in Inclusive Design’ spurs participants to explore and respond to concerns such as ageing population, climate change and rapid urbanisation for individuals and communities.

Held at Hotel ICON, the program welcomed keynote speaker, Kathryn Firth, Chief of Design at London Legacy Development Corporation. Also speaking at the conference was Paul Thompson of RCA, Keiji Kawahara of International Association for Universal Design, and Dan Formosa of Smart Design, who also held workshops.

As tradition, the Include Conference committee recognises members of the inclusive design field for their contributions to the community. This year’s recipients of the Champion of Inclusive Design were Yasuyuki Hirai (Kyushu University, Japan), Joseph Kwan (UDA Consultants Ltd.), and our very own, Michael Siu Kin Wai (PolyU Design). We would also like to congratulate Susan Barnwell and Jasmien Herssens on winning the Best Paper Awards.

BrailleWise as top selection of 2012 Successful Design Awards – China

Prof Michael Siu and the Public Design Lab brought us good news from Shanghai last week. The Ceremony of the 2012 Successful Design Awards – China was held on 4 November where BrailleWise (飛機共融衛生間) won the Diamond Award, the highest among the Top 16 Selections. Smart Electrical Vehicle Charging Station (SEVCS), a collaborative project with EE, IC and FMO of PolyU, impressed the judges with its highly innovative and user-friendly design for empowering electrical cars. It was selected as one of the China’s Successful Design Award winners.

“The awards honor entries with excellent design strategy, process and outcomes. They are expected to bring creative and meaningful contributions to the society and industry. BrailleWise has done a good job on all these,” Prof Michael Siu told us. “It is encouraging to receive one of the judges’ compliment that our design did not only overcome a difficult problem with long history, but also provided an inclusive practical solution.”

Conferred by the Shanghai Industrial Design Association and Shanghai Creative industry Center, the 2012 Successful Design Awards, one of the most privileged award presenters in China, granted prizes to 124 distinguished designs out of 454 entries. Other Top Selections are ROBAM-810 sterilizer, Philips Soundbar Home Cinema Speakers, interior design for Mong Kok Post Office, Haier WSGIG refrigerator, Nokia Lumia 800 and then some. Members of jury panel included David Carson, Kevin Mc Cullagh, Shiz Kobara, Ali Grehan, Robbert Van Nouhuys, Bryan.e.nesbitt, Sotamaa Yrjo, George M Beylerian and Cathy Huang from all over the world.

Earlier in March, BrailleWise was given the Runner-Up Award for the Industrial Design & Technical Concepts category of the Crystal Cabin Award, the only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation, held in Hamburg. SEVCS was the Bronze Award winner of the 2011/12 Spark Concept Award in New York.

BrailleWise assists the visually impaired to access aircraft lavatories easily and independently.

SEVCS is a smart charging station for electrical vehicles

Read more:
The 2012 Successful Design Awards

Toilet design for the visually impaired recognised with international aircraft interiors award

Led by Prof Michael Siu, the Public Design Lab recently received the Runner-Up Award for the Industrial Design & Technical Concepts category of the Crystal Cabin Award held in Hamburg. The Award is the only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation, hosted by the Hamburg government. The participants competed in six categories: Greener Cabin, Health & Safety; Industrial Design & Technical Concepts; Material & Components; Passenger Comfort; Premium Class Products; and Visionary Concepts.

There were 58 entries from all over the world shortlisted. Public Design Lab’s design “BrailleWise”, as the only entry from university, was one of the three Finalists for the category of Industrial Design & Technical Concepts. The design team was invited to present the work to 23 international experts of the Judging Panel. BrailleWise was rated as the 2nd top scores in the category, beat down by one of the globally biggest design firms producing aircraft facilities. The design was also exhibited in the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012 in Hamburg on 27-29 March 2012.

The design team considers and respects the needs and preferences of the visually impaired. BrailleWise assists the visually impaired to access aircraft lavatories easily and independently. The design fits different lavatory configurations and its installation does not detract from the appearance of the lavatory environment. BrailleWise is easy for maintaining a hygienic lavatory environment and minimises the requirement of Braille information on different individual facilities. It also promotes the positive and caring image of airlines.

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More about the Award:

Cordially inviting you to PolyU Design Annual Show 2012

Public Design Lab’s Smart EV Charging Station won bronze prize from Spark Concept Award

The Smart EV Charging Station (SEVCS) created by the Public Design Lab of PolyU Design won Bronze Award from the 2011/12 Spark Concept Award. The results of the Award were announced on 21 February. 26 audacious designs from corners of the world have taken top honors.

The SEVCS is an interdepartmental design project led by the Public Design Lab, in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Facilities Management Office and Industrial Centre, of PolyU. It is a smart charging station for electrical vehicles. The Public Design Lab is led by Professor Michael Siu of PolyU Design.

The charging station overcomes the inflexibility and practical deficiency of current charging stations. It provides different connectors which cover different electric vehicle charging standards for different countries. Its sun-tracking PV panel is environmental friendly that it supports the energy for the lighting and UI operating system. The materials of SEVCS can be recycled. Its special ergonomics consider the needs of people with special needs, e.g., wheelchair-users, older people.

Supported by the PolyU and the Council Chair, a simplified version of the charging station without sun-tracking function has been installed in the car park of PolyU. It is mainly for the charging of MyCar designed by PolyU.

Winners will have their work displayed at San Francisco’s Autodesk Design Gallery and at the Guangzhou Design Week in early December. All winning work and full details on the Spark Awards are at:

Congratulations to Professor Michael Siu and the design team!

Good news from red dot 2011

We are thrilled to hear some great news from our faculty members and students receiving honours from international occassions. Professor Michael Siu and his Public Design Lab, Mr Francis Hung, discipline leader of Advertising Design and his student Ricky Lo shared their happy moments in the recent red dot ceremony wtih us.

Chess.* Chess Game
red dot award: product design 2011 – Sport and games
Award: red dot
Designed by Public Design Lab led by Professor Michael Siu, members: Paul Lo, Frankie Fu, Eric Yeung
learn more>>

Transformation of Classic Chinese Furniture House – Jade Rattan Ware
red dot award: communication design 2011 – posters
Award: red dot: best of the best
Designed by Ricky Lo, Year 3, BA(Hons) in Design (Advertising) 2010/11
Supervising professor: Francis Hung, Assistant Professor
learn more>>

Filtainer Container for the Treatment of Drinking Water
red dot award: product design 2011 – Life science and medicine
Award: Honourable Mention
Designed by Public Design Lab led by Professor Michael Siu, members: Paul Lo, Wai Lun Chan
learn more>>

About red dot awards>>

Join us in congratulating the teams!

Public Design Paper on Hong Kong Engineer

PolyU Design’s Ir Prof Kin Wai Michael Siu’s street bollard design paper was published in the January 2010 issue of premier journal Hong Kong Engineer. Look for the paper here:

Hundreds of flexible removable bollards by Ir Prof Kin Wai Michael Siu are now installed around Hong Kong such as Causeway Bay and Chai Wan.  The design is a collaboration between PolyU and the Hong Kong Highways Department.

FlexiBOL – The Next Generation of Urban Bollards


One single bollard that rules them all…

Traffic bollards are commonly used as barriers to stop unwanted vehicle access. FlexiBOL, the new bollard designed by PolyU’s Public Design Lab to promote flexible use of urban street space, is the next step in bollard evolution. In a vibrant and compact city like Hong Kong, most of the open spaces are used for ceremonies, festive celebrations, or sports events at one time, and mass demonstrations at another. FlexiBOL makes these open spaces multi-functional, giving urban planners and architects unprecedented freedom in the planning, design, and management of these spaces….

PolyU Designs sweep four awards in Malaysian Invention Exhibition


Michael Siu, Professor and Leader of the Public Design Lab, has drawn much attention from invention exhibitions around the world. His inventions, “Chess or the Blind” and “SmartBin – Flexible Modular Recycle Bins”, have brought ome four prestigious awards in the 19th International Invention, Innovation Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2008) held in Malaysia.

“Chess for the Blind” has won three awards, namely ITEX 2008 Best Invention in the Overseas Category, Gold Medal Award and British Invention Show Award. His invention is the first set of Chinese chess with an inclusive and universal concept which allows people with different vision capabilities, including the visually impaired and the blind people, to enjoy playing chess together. …

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