PolyU Alumni Homecoming Carnival

The biennial PolyU Alumni Homecoming Carnival was held on 14 March (Sunday) where PolyU Design had four highlighted activities: the Guided Tour at MIC’s motion Capture Lab and Production Studio, The “Legend of Hong Kong Ceramics” Exhibition, SDAA DIY Workshop, and the SDWorks Exhibition at SD Gallery. If you have missed the Carnival this year, check out the photo collage above. We all look forward to meeting you two years later!

Asian fit protective facemasks by MDes in Design Practices

About the project>>

Students won InBook Awards in D&AD2009

2 student teams from the BA(Hons) in Design (Advertising) won the InBook Awards in D&AD2009.

‘InBook’ in Advertising – Integrated Category
Hubert YEUNG Hiu Fung (Year 2, 2008/09)
Tutor: Francis HUNG, CC TANG

‘InBook’ in Advertising – Viral Category
Janice CHAN, WONG Ming Lun, LAM Kam Bun (2009 graduates)
Tutor: CC TANG

FlexiBOL – The Next Generation of Urban Bollards


One single bollard that rules them all…

Traffic bollards are commonly used as barriers to stop unwanted vehicle access. FlexiBOL, the new bollard designed by PolyU’s Public Design Lab to promote flexible use of urban street space, is the next step in bollard evolution. In a vibrant and compact city like Hong Kong, most of the open spaces are used for ceremonies, festive celebrations, or sports events at one time, and mass demonstrations at another. FlexiBOL makes these open spaces multi-functional, giving urban planners and architects unprecedented freedom in the planning, design, and management of these spaces….

MDes students’ Asian-fit facemask designs


A group of 15 international SD students from the Masters of Design (Design Practices) programme are now showcasing a collection of innovative facemasks designed by themselves.

They all participated in a six-week intensive workshop organized by SD earlier this year. Aiming at creating innovative solutions for a new generation of “Asian Fit” protective facemasks, the students paired up and designed creative facemasks to specifically fit the Asian population both in terms of size and purposes. The designs tackle not only the issue of Asian size and fit, but also the needs of material technology, branding strategy and public health policy.

The “Masters of Mask” project has brought together expertise from the SizeChina Research Lab (SD), PolyU’s School of Nursing at and Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong. With new and unique design concepts, each design of the facemasks takes into consideration the specific purpose of individual user group such as bus drivers, medical personnel and firemen.


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