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Facefinder – new online anthropometric data tool

Are you designing a hat, mask, or glasses for the Chinese market? Then you need reliable information about the precise size of the Chinese head and face and now you can get that data, instantly, with the new online anthropometric tool, Facefinder, brought to you by SizeChina for free.

Now on the SizeChina site, the Facefinder home page offers a simple, user-friendly interface that gives instant access to a complete database of Chinese head measurements. Ten different dimensions can be searched for male or female subjects, aged 18 to 51+, and 1%-ile to 99%-ile in size. Facefinder will print out instant reference charts of search results, ready to guide projects of any size, from student work to industrial development.

SizeChina anthropometric data meets the highest international standards for statistical accuracy. Based on the analysis of 3D results from laser scans of 1600 subjects on mainland China, the data is available in a range of commercial products, including physical and digital headforms, software plug-ins, and individual data clouds. Now our first freemium product, Facefinder offers access to the same data in chart form — free of charge, and on-line. Now there is no need to visit the library and search through out-of-date books to try to find the dimensions you need. Ask Facefinder, and it will tell you what you need to know instantly.

Do you want to design headphones for a Chinese male teenager? Ask Facefinder for the 98%ile male teenage head-width dimension to make sure the headband is wide enough.

Are you creating sunglasses for a fashionable 40-year-old Chinese woman? Ask Facefinder for the dimension between the center of the pupils of the eyes for 50%-ile females aged 31-50.

Do you need to make surgical facemasks for 70 year old Chinese visitors to a hospital? Ask Facefinder for a full range of the variation in the dimension measured from the tip of the nose to the point between the eyes, for both genders.

Visit today, and discover the power of Facefinder.

Facefinder development team

  • Project Leader – Mr. Eric Chow
  • User Interface – Lead developer – Mr. Eric Chow
  • Lead Scientist and statistics – Dr Tina Luximon
  • SizeChina Director – Dr Roger Ball
  • External consultant – Dr Johan Molenbroek
  • Facefinder © 2011

    Good news from red dot 2011

    We are thrilled to hear some great news from our faculty members and students receiving honours from international occassions. Professor Michael Siu and his Public Design Lab, Mr Francis Hung, discipline leader of Advertising Design and his student Ricky Lo shared their happy moments in the recent red dot ceremony wtih us.

    Chess.* Chess Game
    red dot award: product design 2011 – Sport and games
    Award: red dot
    Designed by Public Design Lab led by Professor Michael Siu, members: Paul Lo, Frankie Fu, Eric Yeung
    learn more>>

    Transformation of Classic Chinese Furniture House – Jade Rattan Ware
    red dot award: communication design 2011 – posters
    Award: red dot: best of the best
    Designed by Ricky Lo, Year 3, BA(Hons) in Design (Advertising) 2010/11
    Supervising professor: Francis Hung, Assistant Professor
    learn more>>

    Filtainer Container for the Treatment of Drinking Water
    red dot award: product design 2011 – Life science and medicine
    Award: Honourable Mention
    Designed by Public Design Lab led by Professor Michael Siu, members: Paul Lo, Wai Lun Chan
    learn more>>

    About red dot awards>>

    Join us in congratulating the teams!

    Graduates’ ballpoint pen design won international awards

    Two graduates from the class of 2009, BA (Hons) in Design (Product), and their creation Origin, was honored by two significant international awards, Red Dot Product Design Award 2011 and Japan Good Design Award 2010.

    The mixed-material ballpoint pen was a design inspired by the table leg. The leg’s simple converging shape revived the designer to explore the original meaning of a pen. On Origin, there is no pen clip that many other pens have, while it answers the need of anti-rolling and emphasizes the comfort of writing.

    Pinky Wan and Paul Poon are the designers behind the award-winning product. The brand was developed under a local brand ten Design Stationery.

    “We started our career here as Pinky’s final year project was found and appreciated by the brand’s founder,” Poon said. “PolyU Design provided us with a platform connecting with the design industry and we feel grateful.”

    More information about the awards:
    Red Dot Product Design Award 2011
    Japan Good Design Award 2010

    Congratulations to Pinky and Paul.

    Congratulations to Winners of Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong

    Congrats to Alvin Yip, Assistant Professor of the PolyU Design’s Environment & Interior teaching team, and Mary Yu, 2008 Graduate of MDes (Design Practices) who were selected as two of the winners of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong (十大傑出青年選舉)!

    Read more>>

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