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Zhejiang University School of Design and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) School of Design has formed an International Design Centre (IDC) to conduct design projects, research, and training within the region of Hangzhou and Ningbo, People’s Republic of China. The IDC enhances the research and innovation ability of the companies located in these local districts. The IDC assists local companies to move forward in designing products, training staff and students to provide design research needs, and assists local designers in learning the latest methods and processes in design research. The Zhenhai District Ningbo local government will also provide support to set up design projects, research projects, training, consultancy etc.

With great efforts by the two universities, the IDC was initiated in 2007. The IDC will focus on advanced level of design in order to increase the competitiveness of the local industry. To work more conveniently in Ningbo, and even the whole Zhejiang area, it has been decided that a base, referred to as IDC (Ningbo), be created. With the establishment of such a base, it is expected that the ability of research and innovation design by the local industry will be enhanced, and the base will play a key role in providing training for achieving this. The Zhenhai district government of Ningbo city is providing strong support for such a base.

The IDC will serve the greater business community through expert design practices, training, publications and applied research.


  • To conduct design projects that will utilize the best design research practice for that project;
  • To provide consulting services for product development and branding services;
  • To provide training to industry on design and applied design research;
  • To employ design students, both undergraduate and graduate;
  • To publish results of design outcomes when possible.


The IDC undertakes design projects, promotes international exchange of research, conducts joint training courses with well-known international enterprises, provides consultancy services for local industry and educates designers and high-level professionals in design and manufacturing industry.

The directors of the IDC will be the Head of Industrial Design of Zhejiang University and Director of School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Each university will appoint a Deputy Director to serve as the main contacts for daily correspondence, decisions and workflow.

There are currently 16 professors and staff, consisting of 8 from Zhejiang University and 8 from PolyU, who will be working on various projects for the IDC. The IDC is physically located on the Zhejiang University campus in Hangzhou and the Ningbo University Science Park in Ningbo.

International Design Centre
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design
Contact: Jessica Bellas Tel: 3400 3436

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