18 fresh brands presented by Design Direct

“ We are moving into a hyper integrated world in which all aspects of production — raw materials, design, manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment, financing and branding — have become commodities that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone.” – Friedman NYT. Nov 24 Column “Advice from Grandma”.

A small band of young & emerging designers in Hong Kong are changing the rules of the traditional industrial design industry.

Using the internet, self-branding & low-cost Asian manufacturing to go direct to the consumer, this young generation of designers poses the question, “are companies & clients becoming obsolete?”

Design Direct, an exhibition held previously at the SD Gallery on 25th May to 10th June 2011, presented 18 emerging design brands by the year-2 students from BA (Hons) Industrial & Product Design – each with their unique personality & an empowering portfolio of products. Each brand shows a simple & successful bridge between designer & consumer. We hope you enjoy browsing through the brands. We expect to see much more coming from these young design entrepreneurs.

The brands were created for the subject tutored by Dr Ernesto Spicciolato, Dr Roger Ball & Mr Michael Leung from the Industrial & Product teaching team.

Lattice Leggings label is a fashion brand which starts from Feb 2011 in Hong Kong. We design and distribute limited edition fashion leggings.
Founded by Zoe Wong, Natalie Chan and Angie Chan

POMCH brings industrial mood to fashion. It based and designed in Hong Kong by two industrial & product designers.
Founded by Jeffrey Leung and Felix Tai

We design holders to let customers to hang up and display their precious items, such as bicycle, musical instrument, surf board etc.
Founded by Jim Lee and Wing Yeung
Facebook: Han’zibit

The Moce is a brand which specificy in making and selling unisex clutch bags.
Founded by Joyce Ip and Mouse Chow
Facebook: The Moce

Exhibition pieces

Just release your inner warriors. Like conquering with a blade, we live with good taste, and dream for better days. Now, have a taste of The Last Valhalla!
Facebook: The Last Valhalla

2 Responses to “18 fresh brands presented by Design Direct”

  1. Roger BALL says:

    Exciting ideas.Congratulations to all those new CEO’s

  2. Roger BALL says:

    When can I buy a Pomch bag?

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